Sewer Repair
Sewer Repair
Sewer Repair

Initial inspection

our begins when you call us inquiring about our services. We make sure to give you the information you need before you can book an inspection with us. inspections, when completing sewer repair in Coquitlam, have become easier due to technology that gives us a clear view of the real problem. Expert plumbers from our team maneuver the camera through the entire sewer line to get visuals of the reason for disrepair.

Excavations are obsolete

Earlier on, finding the cause of the blockage or the exact location of drain and sewer line collapse was a matter dealt with by excavation. This took days and lead to excessive tear-downs costing more than a repair should.

Our use of video inspection allows us to determine the root cause of the problem without causing any damages during the sewer repair in Burnaby. Not only does this make our work precise but also reduces the overall cost for the repairs.

In most cases, the sewer line just needs a rooter job to get things working efficiently again. Our experts can then run another inspection to make sure there are no more compromised spots in the line.

Reasons for the blockage

We address the cause of the problem. Sewer line disrepair is usually a result of

  • Clogging due to excessive build-up over years of use
  • Tree roots have compromised the structure of the line
  • Collapsed spot along the line

Repair options

We make sure to find the right course of action when repairing the sewer line for you. there are two ways to go about it. the type of repair depends on the damage the line has sustained. In some cases, a large portion is far gone and the only option is excavation. However, subtler solutions such as relining can be used to reduce the time and mess that is a result of traditional repair procedures.

Why choose us

Stefano's plumbing is a locally owned and operated business that believes in building a lasting relationship with our customers. We value your time and your money as much as we value our reputation and as such a sewer repair in Coquitlam with our plumbers on the job will be a stress-free experience with real-time solutions that last a long time. We will also maintain the plumbing for you, be it large drains, water mains or even drain cleaning. We are your one-stop solution for a complete plumbing experience.

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