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When I told Stefano I think I need a new waste disposal, he instantly look at it and said no you don't need a new one. He fixed it and working well since. He is honest professional man that I ever met. On the top of that i used his services for toilet repair and it works well. I would definitely recommend Stefanos Plumbing & Drain Cleaning.

- Hendra W, Homeowner

I had such a great experience with Stefanos Plumbing - they were honest, reliable, helpful and very professional. I originally had them come in to unclog a drain but thanks to their free inspection, they were able to locate a previous leak in my kitchen faucet and repair it right away to prevent further damage. They did such a great job and left the place looking untouched. I would highly recommend them!

- Bal Lalli, Homeowner

Stefano was a life saver! We had a toilet that was clogged and overflowing and needed someone ASAP. He explained pricing upfront and got to work. The guy is a hard worker and got the job done. Turned out to be a block in the sewer pipe, no amount of plunging would’ve solved. He brought in his machine and had it fixed in no time. I’ve got a new a plumber now and would definitely recommend him.

- Scott Forsyth, Homeowner
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Stefano's plumbing is a name synonymous with quality. We have built a reputation that speaks volumes about the exceptionality of our plumbing solutions. We are known for our expert time -management during plumbing emergencies and other time-sensitive projects. As we offer guaranteed solutions our commitment to consistent learning remains the same and we grow with the times.

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    Plumbing problems can be extremely frustrating, especially when it means you can’t use your toilet, sink, shower, or all of the above! Have plumbing questions?

    How do you plunge a drain?
    The plunger is your best friend when it comes to well plunge the drain. A cup-style plunger to be precise can be placed on the opening of the drain and pressed forward to create suction. This helps unclog the drain and allows the water to pass uninterrupted.
    Are all new toilets water saving toilet suites?
    The simple answer is no. not all new models are water-efficient ones. You have to search for the right fit for your bathroom and then choose a toilet made for efficient water use. this is an effective way to incorporate sustainable practices in your daily life.
    What do you do when servicing a tap?
    Most taps are stainless steel, therefore just a simple deconstruction and clean-up is enough to get the water flowing unobstructed. However, if the problem persists it is better to call in a professional plumber for servicing.
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