Sewer replacement

Sewer Line Replacement Services in Burnaby, BC

People own old houses inherited from their forefathers in British Columbia. Such places are prone to sewer problems, and it becomes frustrating for homeowners to repair the sewer line repeatedly. Then comes the point where improving the sewage line won’t work anymore, and you have to replace it for full functionality. Tree roots, the soil shifting, and clogging often cause damage to sewer lines. These pipelines deteriorate and break down under your basement or lawn over time; replacement is the only option. Changing the pipeline is a costly and time-consuming process, but Stefano’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning will give a fast and affordable sewer replacement solution in Burnaby.

If you reside in an old place and are fed up facing the same sewer blockage, again and again, we will save you from this trouble with our high-end techniques and efficient staff. Don’t worry about your beautiful basement floor or backyard; we won’t dig up a big trench to worsen the situation for our prospective clients.

Causes of Sewer Line Blockage in Coquitlam

Various factors contribute to the deterioration and breaking down of old pipelines, but we will learn about a few main factors that can cause plumbing issues on your property.

Ground Settling:

We don’t recommend an excavation project on your property unless no other options works, as it is already a cause of line blockage if done in the past. Rains and water seeping to the ground make the earth move, affecting the sewage line’s condition.

Tree and Plant Roots:

Having trees in your backyard is a blessing, but roots will destroy the pipelines lying underground without your knowledge. Roots are always in pursuit of water and can penetrate through a crack in a line. Yes, you heard us right because water and gravity work as stimuli, and roots will pass through a sewage line to block or obliterate the pipeline.

Broken Pipes:

Old pipes are prone to these sorts of collapsing problems. It can cause various plumbing issues at the same time. This type of unforeseen line breakdown will cost you a lot of money for sewer replacement if you reside in Surrey.


Out of all the causes, this action is totally in your control. If you are not flushing the wrong items through your drain system, clogs will never happen. Follow some preventive measures and do not put down everything in your drain line; otherwise, it will block the sewer.

Harsh Weather:

Sewer pipes can burst due to extreme cold or hot weather, and it can happen in Canada because there is a lot of snow around most of the time.

If you are facing unexpected plumbing matters, hire us for hassle-free sewage pipeline replacement in Coquitlam, BC.

How will We Replace Your Corroded Sewer Line in Surrey?

Homeowners are reluctant when hiring someone to change sewer pipelines in Burnaby. They are unsure about what will happen and how a contractor will treat their garden or basement. Take a deep breath and sit down because we will take care of your home without polluting it. Our experts will visit the site to assess the situation and prepare a report on the possible course of action. Following this report, our plumbing team will arrive at the location to find the place of blockage or damage with the help of a camera inspection that comes in handy while locating the clogged or damaged point in the pipeline.

This process will save time and cost in locating a compromised spot in the line. Using trenchless or traditional methods depends upon the volume of damage in the sewage line. If excavation is the only way forward, we will perform it with extra caution with the help of a professional cutting and coring team. We will keep the digging process to a specific limit to minimize the damage caused after tearing up the basement.

We promise to keep it seamless, less polluting, and less disturbing for the residing family. After making replacements in the sewer line, we will clean the site and reinstate the ground as promised. Sewer replacement needs a permit approved by Municipality, and we know how to get it for you. Our staff is trained and equipped with knowledge of local laws and codes.

Possible Sewage Line Replacement Methods in Coquitlam

Stefano’s Plumbing and drain cleaning is equipped with cutting-edge technology and uses detection tools to locate the area of damage. Our team will place a small cut to keep the damage minimal. If we see the pipeline bursting as a reasonable action, we will perform this method to add new pipes in place of the damaged line.

The traditional excavation replacement approach is often handy if the damage to the existing line is extensive. We usually use pipe-bursting, relining or trenchless methods, but if the damage is significant, it is impossible to replace the sewage line without digging a trench. We will hire a specialist concrete cutting and coring crew to make the smallest possible opening in your basement or garden area. Trenchless sewer replacement is a recommended, long-lasting procedure to avoid extra damage to your backyard, and we offer these services in Coquitlam and other locations.

Tips to Prevent Sewage Problems in the Future

We are a proud customer-centric place to offer top-notch plumbing services under your budget. Our job is not just repairing your plumbing issues because we take pride in training our clients to avoid the same problem again in the future. Follow our recommendations, and there will be no need to spend more money on sewer renovation in the future.

Areas We Serve

We provide plumbing solutions in all of the main areas in BC, including;

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We have the expertise to replace corroded sewage lines through pipe-bursting, lining, trenchless method, or complete excavation, but your backyard will be in fine shape after the project. Stefano’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning will give you a quick and affordable sewage replacement plan in Surrey, Burnaby, and Coquitlam.

We won’t leave an opened trench after we finish with the sewer replacement task. Place your appliances and furniture back to their original place, and you’d never remember we did anything to the floor.


Strata Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Services

Repairing a drain in time is one way to avoid excavation and replacement. A compromised drain can cause some serious repercussions ultimately causing damage to the entire plumbing system on sight. There fore what should you do? Over years of providing quality drain repair in Vancouver lower mainland, we have concluded that maintenance is the most effective solution to damaged drains. Drains are sturdy structures, built to last, and made with materials that don’t crumble under consistent use. however, with time wear and tear begins to impact the longevity of the pipe networks leading to a need for repairs.

We can help maintain the drain

whether it is a clogged kitchen drain or the mainline choked up because of excessive waste accumulation; it all boils down to timely drain cleaning. To avoid the need for drain repair in Vancouver lower mainland, consistent maintenance and drain care are recommended. All you need to do is call our expert plumbers and leave the rest to us.

Our Process


Unless it is an emergency you can give us a call anytime you like to get estimates for the repair or replacements you need. We are more than happy to assist you with any additional queries you may have. If you think we are the right fit for you, we can schedule an inspection.


Inspection is a crucial part of drain repair in Burnaby. We use fiber optic cameras that are attached to flexible drain snakes meant to send a real-time feed to a monitor being viewed by our experts. Our team will expertly maneuver the camera through the turns around the entire drain to examine each nook and cranny and find the root cause of the problem. Once the problem has been determined a report may be generated to provide you with all the information and estimates you need.


Not all drain repairs in Surrey are done at a minor scale. For major excavations, drilling and blasting you may need to acquire permits. As expert local plumbers, we can assist you through the process and get things moving.

The repairs

After all the necessary details have been accumulated, we will begin with the repairs. the process depends on the condition of the drain and the cause of the problem. In some cases, a routine repair is all you need while relining may be the solution for others. That said, due to the advanced repair system excavations have become quite rare and Stefano’s plumbing makes it a point to reduce damages and costs when handling a project.

Why choose us?

We have all the solutions you need for an affordable and reliable drain repair in Vancouver lower mainland. We are an insured and licensed service that is committed to quality and exceptional customer service. With us on the job, you don’t have to worry about unfavorable incidents or inadequate compliance with buildings codes and the law.

To get estimates and a schedule for our services give us a call today or book regular maintenance and inspection to determine the health of your drains.