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Kitchen Renovations Surrey BC

If your house was built more than 50 years ago, there is a great chance you are facing leaky faucets, drain clogs, seepage on walls, etc., which is the ideal time to consider a Kitchen renovation. Most of the time homeowners are more concerned about the outer looks of the kitchen rather than the infrastructure of the pipelines underneath the floors and behind the walls.

Imagine a kitchen without pipelines and drains; it will only be a fancy-looking room but nothing functional, which is why we are persistent in providing you with the remodeling service you need. Your dishwasher and sink require a proper decent plumbing plan. This is where expert plumbers of Stefano’s Plumbing & Drain Cleaning come to save the day.

When Do You Need Kitchen Renovation?

Once you plan a renovation project to improve your kitchen’s health, you will see the refinement it has done to your kitchen. Sometimes homeowners needed to be made aware of the need for kitchen renovation in Surrey. Following are some most prominent signs that could help you realize kitchen renovation is due on your schedule:

  • Colored Water

When you see brownish-colored water coming out of the tap of your dishwasher, it is due to the rusty pipelines. The reason can be a corroded pipeline that is capable of causing various diseases if not treated immediately. You will need our high-end plumbing services in Surrey to replace the rusty pipeline underneath your kitchen floor.

  • Pipe Material

We are well aware of your kitchen’s modern pipe need, which is PVC, copper, or brass. Older homes and buildings mostly have iron pipes or lead, which are prone to live shorter than modern ones. We will choose the best material that matches your area and water demands.

  • Low Water Pressure

Clogged drains show the first symptom of reduced water pressure, and to deal with a clogged drain or sewer system, you need to hire an experienced plumber in Surrey to inspect and fix the issue quickly and efficiently.

If you are suffering from any of the above issues every once in a while, you need to call us now so we can visit your kitchen or bath and make the needed arrangements to help you before it’s too late.

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