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My toilet consumes more water. What do I do now?
You must be using an older fixture made by some ordinary manufacturer. The latest models are available in the market that consumes no more than 1.6-liter of water per flush. Replacing is the only option because this way, you will be saving water and billing cost. Hire Stefano's Plumbing and Drain Cleaning for toilet installation, and we will bring the most efficient toilet available on the market.
How my garden trees and shrubs can block the sewer line?
Roots always grow and move towards any opening to fetch more food and water. Any crack in the pipeline will invite the roots to enter and grow inside. Primary roots then develop tiny root hairs, which can block your drain system's functionality. It is where plumbing solutions are required because if it goes unchecked, tree roots can block or break the pipelines lying under your basement.
My water Bills are high. What could be the reason for that?
Your toilet must be leaking and using more water than the threshold level. Check the overflow pipe in the tank if the water is overflowing, adjust the fill valves, and maintain the level in the tube as per recommendations. Suppose you are unable to cater to this problem. Call us, and we will save you from spending more money.
I am noticing an unusual howling sound with my plumbing. Any suggestions?
Sorry, but this doesn't sound normal to us. This sort of sound means your plumbing is having a plethora of issues. We suggest immediate drain cleaning inspection from our company. We know how to stop this dreadful noise.
My kitchen drain is giving a foul smell. I have used a liquid drain, but it doesn't work.
First, never pour chemicals to wash or open your drains. It can kill the sewer pipes. You should hire a plumber with drain cleaning expertise and ask them to use a snake or auger drain cleaner. These tools are mainly made for drain openings. Once you have your drains cleaned, they won't smell foul again.
My toilet is not functioning like before. What is the solution?
If you want to try it yourself, use a plunger to see if it works. In the worst-case scenario, call Stefanos Plumbing and Drain Cleaning to see if other fixtures are doing okay. Otherwise, we will repair or clean the main sewer line to remove the blockage.
I don't understand why the water leaks. What to do now?
1. Check that all the fixtures are doing okay and see if there is any leakage. 2. Confirm that all the taps and valves are turned off. 3. If you are not getting why it happens, contact us for inspection, and we will find the root cause immediately.
Is there any way to enhance the shelf life of my plumbing fixtures?
Install water conditioner because this won't allow the scale build-up in fixtures and pipelines. It is the best way to keep your water appliances in the best shape for extended years.
Why my shower faucet is constantly dripping?
This may be because of worn-out washers, and now you can do nothing but repair or change the whole internal system. Take a word of advice and try not to use force while turning off the faucets.
What is the white thing growing on my shower faucet? And how to remove it?
These are the minerals accumulating on the faucet. The Easiest way to get rid of this unpleasant thing is by using vinegar. Put some vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it around the faucet with the shower. Keep it this way for a while and remove it after 24 hours. Use a brush to rub and remove all the debris.